Summer 2015


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Travel is all about inspiration. Visualizing yourself at a destination, unchained from your desk, ready for an experience, is what spurs people to go from browsing to booking.

In this Paramore University, specifically tailored for the tourism industry, we’ll head to West Virginia to discuss the most effective ways to bring inspiration to your digital strategy. You’ll get smart and cost-efficient recommendations on the kinds of content you need to be creating, how to best spend and stretch your media dollars, and whether or not you really should go through with that website redesign.

We have opinions. We have fun. And whether you’re 101 or Advanced, we know you’ll be a better marketer after you hang with us.


June 19, 2015

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Glade Springs Resort
255 Resort Drive
Daniels, WV 25832

Inspiration Information

Hannah Paramore
Paramore | the digital agency

Inspiration Information

Buddy Butler
Business Development Director
Paramore | the digital agency

Stephen St. Pierre
Sales Manager

Tim Chandler
Account Executive
Scripps Networks

Chad Netherland
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Chris Weisler
Freelance Photographer

Dave Ostendarp
Marketing Director
Newport Aquarium