15 for ’15: How’s Your Digital Health?

Take the quiz and find out if your brand is ready for 2015.

1 What percentage of your website imagery was taken by a professional photographer?

2 How often do you refresh your homepage (images, copy, feature well) per year?

3 How many videos did you produce in 2013 specifically for your website?

4 How would you describe the content creators on your staff?

5 Do you write the listings content on your site or are they provided to you by partners/local businesses?

6 Which of these digital media campaigns do you use? (Check all that apply)

7 How often do you manage and optimize your paid search campaigns?

8 Do you use automated triggers in your email marketing?

9 Is your email database segmented by audience?

10 Is your website mobile-friendly?

11 Does your website promote scrolling or clicking/tapping?

12 Do you have your own app?

13 Who is in charge of reviewing and interpreting the analytics data you collect?

14 How well do you understand Google Analytics?

15 What type of analytics data do you collect and review? (Check all that apply)

Extra Credit

1 How do you determine what website updates to make?

2 Do you know your Net Promoter Score?

Who Are You?